Body Sculpt

A stimulating workout that incorporates body weight and cardio exercises for a total body toning workout.

Boot Camp

An exhilarating total body workout that focuses on both strength and cardiovascular conditioning. Workouts change weekly to allow for muscle confusion.

Cardio Sculpt

An invigorating workout that starts off with some fun dance moves and transitions into high intensity interval training and group circuit work.

Cardio Dance

Shake your flab away with this fun, easy to follow dance class. Enjoy an hour of a variety of dance music that will leave you shaking your hips all the way to the car!


Get that heart pumping and those legs into shape with this extraordinary indoor cycling class. Climb hills by adding resistance, or sprint to fun, upbeat music and sweat like never before!

Fit Camp

This super fun class, held on Sundays, uses a slew of formats to include plyometrics, HIIT training, body weight exercises, and whatever ass-kicking things Crystal can think of to whip your body into the best shape of your life!

Pump & Shred

This energizing class is focused on burning fat and building muscle. Guaranteed to leave you motivated and feeling accomplished!


This revitalizing class will teach you positions that stimulate your metabolism, strengthen your core and musculature that supports the body.


Zumba incorporates a variety of Latin dance rhythms to promote a calorie-burning, body energizing hour of fun!

Personal Training

Personal training packages are now available!  See the front desk for details or text the trainer of your choice to make an appointment!

Nutrition Consultations

Do you workout like crazy, but still have trouble losing weight?  Or do you have a big event coming up and you want to look good in that outfit? You know how they say 80% of fitness is diet?  Well, it is. 

There is no magic pill or shake. It's about discipline. We want to show you a different way of eating.  There are 3 basic components. The first is alternating low carb days with high carb days. This serves to get your hormones working in a way that skyrockets your metabolism.  The second is eating every 3 hours, which serves to keep your metabolism going throughout the day.  This boosts your energy levels because you're actually using food as fuel. The third component is portion control. This method of weight loss uses a caloric deficit lose weight.  

So here's what we do:  For a one-time fee of $59, we sit with you and create a meal plan that incorporates those three components using foods you already eat, just combining them in a very specific way. We also add you to our special Facebook group with everyone else we have on this plan. This group is awesome, they help each other out and give each other suggestions and share their accomplishments.  They're a great support system and a great resource overall.  It takes about an hour and a half to plan everything out.  Because we're getting so many people interested, we will be offering a group class on Saturdays. 


Guest Services

For only $20 a month, bring a friend or family member with you to the gym! Member must be present with guest at all times.  Only one guest at a time, but your guest may vary from visit to visit.  Guest must have a signed waiver on file!

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