Meet the Xtreme Team


Owner • Personal Trainer • Meal Plan Consultant • Bootcamp & Cycling Instructor

Hi and welcome to Xtreme Core Fitness! I opened this gym three years ago hoping to inspire people to improve their lives through fitness. As the owner of the gym, I strive to maintain a positive, fun environment. As a personal trainer and meal plan consultant, I challenge people to reach their weight loss goals and feel better from the inside out. As a bootcamp and cycling instructor, I incorporate high intensity interval training and muscle confusion as the driving force in the design of all my workouts. As a mother, I strive to set a positive example. I have many, many people to thank for my successes along this journey, and I also thank my failures and those who have challenged me along the way as well. My true, ultimate goal is to be of service to my community. Welcome!


Cardio Sculpt Instructor

Hello! My name is Valerie. I am a mother of 4 beautiful daughters and your local girl scout leader. I began my fitness journey 3 years ago after giving birth to my last baby girl. I tried a firefighter agility class and I almost died trying to run a lap. So I decided to make a change and fell in love with Zumba and pretty much any group classes I could get my hands on. After a year at EP Fitness I felt I needed to step up my game a bit and found Xtreme core. Here, my true love for fitness was nourished, and I was encouraged to take it to the next level. I am now a H.A.R.D certified trainer. H.A.R.D standing for HIIT, anaerobic, resistance and dance!


Cycling Instructor

"I started attending "Xtreme" gym two years ago. While I participated in several classes, cycling became my favorite ( more like my passion). Since then I've seen a drastic change in my health and my physical. Cycling is an exercise that I recommend to men and women; because I truly believe that it can change one's life. With that said, I invite everyone to come and try out a class or two, I assure you wont be disappointed!"?


Hello, my name is Stefanie. I’ve been attending Xtreme Core Fitness since 2016. Now I can say with extreme happiness that I’ve enjoyed being a part of the Xtreme team as a gym member and now as a staff member. This place has done it all for me, changed my physical appearance and my mental health, and as a long time member I’ve witnessed others become the best versions of themselves.


Hi, my name is Brittany. I’ve know Crystal for what feels like forever and it has been such a great honor to be working for her. She’s been my teacher, my mentor, my boss and my family. I have always struggled with my own body image and only recently started my fitness journey, and while it’s been a rough one, being an employee at Xtreme Core Fitness really helps me see what a gym like this does for peoples confidence. Walking in and seeing people at various stages in their own fitness journey with the support of everyone around them is exactly what I needed to kickoff my healthy habits again! When I’m not working I’m taking my dogs on very long walks, cooking healthy meals and practicing other clean habits to keep myself and the people I love healthy and safe!

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